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About Tireplanet - Tires Canada

Tireplanet is your trusted online shop which offers a quick and easy solution to purchase various tire brands and models in Canada.

We have a vast selection of all weather, all season, winter and summer tires, providing you with all the possible options for your vehicle. If you’re looking to purchase tires online - choose Tireplanet.ca and take advantage of our unbeatable prices and delivery service Canada-wide!

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We guarantee that the products you have purchased will fit your vehicle, and will not damage or adversely affect the operation of your vehicle.

All Season Tires
All Season Tires are flexible in their performance and are well suited for all seasons of the year; spring, summer, fall, and mild winter. Their function is to safely handle a variety of conditions, including warm, dry, wet, slushy, or muddy roads.
  • Have exceptional performance in lighter conditions of all seasons
  • Are not meant to be used in temperatures below 7℃, as they may freeze and loose grip.
  • Do not have the mountain peak with a snowflake icon and do not meet the standard for winter driving.
All Weather Tires
All-Weather Tires are intended to withstand the various road conditions regardless of season and its weather. By merging the benefits of All-Season and snow tires, All-Weather Tires have you covered during the course of the year by meet the standard for winter use whilst still being usable for spring, summer, and fall. These types of tires are ideal for people who live in miler winter climates; however, if you live in severe winter conditions, consider purchasing winter tires during the cold season for your safety.
  • Have the mountain peak with a snowflake icon, meeting the standard for winter driving.
  • Have a faster stopping speed in below 0℃ temperatures and a stronger grip on wet roads than all-season tires.
  • Not as specialized in harsher winter conditions as snow tires.
  • Adaptable enough to be used for warm temperatures and best for areas that have mild winters.
Winter (Snow) Tires
Winter Tires are your go-to tires for the winter months, and are recommended to be used October to April. Regardless of how severe the weather may be, they are the best performing tires for the winter as they specialize in gripping onto ice and snow.
  • Have the mountain peak with a snowflake icon, meeting the standard for winter driving.
  • Exceed the performance of all-weather tires in the winter.
  • A safety must-have regardless of the severity of winter conditions.

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