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Winter Tires should be a number one choice for those who may regularly face weather conditions which include ice, slush, or snow, as they will provide the greatest amount of traction due to the rubber compounds and a tread design made for cold temperatures. Winter Tires’ thread is able to remain flexible throughout winter and avoid cracking, as well as, inhibit the buildup of snow. According to Consumer Report conducted tests, Winter Tires were able to come to a halt six meters shorter than all season tires on loose snow, and nine meters shorter on ice at a driving speed of 30km/km. Winter Tires provide a much lesser chance of fishtailing during turns and spinning out on icy hills, safeguarding your and your loved ones’ safety.

Please keep in mind, if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, it will not make you stop or slow down the vehicle any faster if you do not have winter tires, as there will not be enough grip for the tries to create traction.

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What are Winter Tires?
Winter Tires are your go-to tires for the winter months and are recommended to be used October to April. Regardless of how severe the weather may be, they are the best performing tires for the winter as they specialize in gripping onto ice and snow.
Is it OK to leave Winter Tires on all year?
It is not recommended to leave Winter Tires on year-round. As temperatures rise, the traction of winter tires will wear down rapidly, making their performance worse for the following winter. Additionally, winter tires are too soft, designed for the purpose of gripping onto ice and snow. Their tread will deteriorate in warmer temperatures, causing them to be replaced faster than usual, which may be more expansive.
How much are Winter Tires?
An average winter tire may range anywhere from $60 to $550 in price, dependent on your car type and tire brand, quality, and size. The price is well worth it if you are prioritizing your safety in the winter months.

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