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As a consumer, the more information you have about tires the more conscious your choice will be, brining overall greater satisfaction at the end of your purchase. Our tire-size calculator will provide you with relevant and current information about the diameter, width, sidewall, circumference, and per mile revolutions of the tire that is the right-fit for you vehicle. The tire-size calculator does not only gives you the above mentioned information about tire specifications, but also allows you to compare prices with numerous suitable tires available in stock, allowing you to choose the best product for you budget.

Keep in mind when comparing tire options that as the width of the tire increases, it covers more road surface area and therefore, has a stronger grip, increasing vehicle handling and your ability to maneuver. Vice versa if the width decreases from your original tire size, there will be less grip. Refer to the specifications of you manufacturer vehicle tire when conducting comparisons.

Overall it is our strong recommendation that you take an opportunity to compare tire sizes by using our tire-size calculator, as it is tailored to our stock availability for your convenience. It will provide you with numerous alternative tire sizes so you have more options when making purchase decisions.

How to use:

  1. Select the standard tire size for your vehicle. Once selected you will receive an immediate variety of tire sizes that are substantially the same as your standard size, with a variation of 3%.
  2. Select the tire size choices that interest you and use the “compare selected sizes” option to see how the original and the proposed sizes differentiate.


  • Provided diameters are acquired from tire size based calculations, and may vary insignificantly from model to model.
  • We strongly recommend to stay within the suggested 3% diameter variance to avoid possibility of break failure.
  • The size proposals are for informational purposes only and we do not guarantee tire fitment based solely on the calculator provided information.
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