Summer Tires

If you are looking for high performance, speed, and best handling on dry summer roads, then Summer Tires are a must. They provide exceptional dry and wet traction by having less tread pattern and more rubber in contact with the road, allowing for particularly fast driving techniques.

Most Popular Passenger Summer Tires

Our top selection of Summer Tires for your car, mini van or crossover.

Most Popular Light Truck Summer Tires

Our top selection of summer tires for your light truck or SUV.

When should I put Summer Tires on?
Summer Tires will function according to their specifications as soon as the outside temperature normalizes to a stable +7 degrees Celsius or above.
Are Summer Tires OK in the rain?
Summer Tires will perform as well as All-Season tires in wet conditions. However, a Summer Tire will perform better on dry roads, by giving the driver more handling control and freedom of speed.
Are Summer Tires cheaper than All-Season?
Since Summer Tires are specialized and purpose built, they would be more expansive than All-Season tires.
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